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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Call Long Distance All You Want

Even with the internet, skype and VOIP, there are still times when a phone call is the only way to go. I find this is especially crucial when traveling as internet access is still not readily available everywhere. But long distance and international phone charges can easily sky rocket depending on the number of days you're on the field and how often you need to call.

Phone cards, with pre-paid minutes that are usually much lower than long distance rates on your phone, can save you a lot of money. However, not all phone cards are created equal. Do some research and find cards that will deliver real savings and are easy to use. Some cards will have you dialing a hundred numbers and codes before getting connected and some won't deliver the number of minutes they claim to sell you. Phone Cards Avenue makes this research easier for you. They have compiled the lowest rate calling card plans and best variety of phone cards in one convenient place for you.

For instance, if you need an international phone card, all you have to do is select the country that you call the most and you will be given your choice of calling card. Their selections are listed so that you can easily compare the different rates for each card starting with the per minute rate, then the connection fee if any, and the number of minutes for a block amount is also listed.

When I call the Philippines on my home phone, I usually end up spending almost 50 cents per minute, making my international calls very expensive. That's why I no longer call at all without a calling card. On Phone Cards Avenue, I can get a phone card with a rate of 4.7 cents a minute! For a $20 card, I can get 424 minutes. That's a huge savings considering I once spent $30 for a thirty minute conversation. No matter where in the world you are making your calls to or from, they probably have just the right card for you.


Mec said...

ganda... commercial

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rolly said...

Used phone cards a lot when I was abroad. What nice about it is that it's already paid for. Your phone bill can easily skyrocket high if you don't monitor it. With a phone card, there's nothing of that sort. Well, kinda.

Jet said...

I rely heavily on phone cards too when calling my family. Between speaking to my Mom, and then my Dad, and then my Ate, and then my little sister, and then their kids, there's just no other way to do it... hehehe.

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