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Friday, May 16, 2008

Scary Frontier

UnknownOK, if my taz mode is not scary enough for you, I know what could be...

This movie was released in a select few theaters last May 9 and already is being released in DVD form after a mere week in the theaters. No, it's not because it's so bad. It's because it's so darn scary! All you have to do is watch the Trailer to see what I'm talking about. See if it doesn't give you the heevie jeevies just from the trailer alone.

After it was made, it was deemed too gory and sadistic so it was given a rating of NC-17. In order to get it to a Rated R, the creators of the movie would have had to do a lot of cutting and they didn't want to make that concession. They want the movie viewed in all its horrific glory, just as they created it and meant for it to be seen. So they are showing the movie at a few theaters for only a week. After that, the DVD will go on sale. If you'd like to see the movie, check their website for the select theater listings to see if it's showing near you.

If you love a good Horror Movie, then Frontier(s) will be just right for you. The synopsis on their website does not do the images justice. If you're going by the words alone, then you are missing a lot and probably won't be too interested in seeing a movie about runaway criminals who run into a scary cult-like family. I can't even imagine what the twisted 'cult' is about, but the imagery in the gallery and trailers are enough to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand and get that queasy feeling at the pit of my stomach.

Sounds enticing to you, does it? Well, check it out. It may be too late to see it in the theaters, but you can still get the DVD.

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