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Friday, May 16, 2008

Taz Mode

This week, and today in particular, I am in taz mode. My office knows when taz mode is on because it usually happens before my vacations, and in this week's case, because the interns are coming next week!

Signs that I am in taz mode:
    I barely answer in complete sentences.
    I don't really hear anything anybody is saying especially if unrelated my present mission.
    My desk is a mess, but don't you dare touch anything!
    The coffee pot must remain full all day. Don't dare turn it off at noon or you're dead!
    No lunch, thank you. Just coffee, lots of coffee.
    Me squinting at my screen
    Me slouched in front of my computer screen

There's probably more anti-social manifestations of taz mode, but I'm not aware of them :-P

It doesn't help either that my SS reservations come through today and I have until noon to finish them. grrr!


Francesca said...

ganun pala ang taz mode, meaning, more tasa of coffee mode. Hehe.

Off to holidays ka rin pala? where to? Visit laang. MUSTA,

Jet said...

I got one. No JMom spottings around the internet... heh.