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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Boys are Better at Math than Girls

KidsatcomputerI have never been good at math. I've always been intimidated by it. My worst grade in high school was in Geometry. While everything else seemed comprehensible to me, numbers were always elusive and a little scary. I think it may have something to do with hearing, when I was younger, that boys are better at math and girls are not supposed to be good at it. So when my girls were growing up, I made sure they never heard that myth. At least not from me.

They are not math whizzes by any means, but math is second nature to them. It's something they have to do. Sometimes they struggle with it, but more often than not, they get through it. My two older ones are in high school now and I've passed my usefulness as math homework coach. They are on their own. Good thing they have friends and online sources such as MathVids to help them along.

MathVids is a video tutorial that explains match concepts in easy to understand language. I looked at some of the videos and even I understood it! Of course, I didn't look at the Calculus videos. I don't think no one can explain that to me no matter how simply. My brain just shuts down with upper math. I'm sure the kids will get it without any problem though.

They are the generation weaned on the internet and YouTube and MySpace, so having math subjects explained to them in a medium that they understand, I'm sure will be tremendously helpful. I just don't know if MathVids will be able to compete with their attention when it comes to choosing between MathVids and YouTube. There is really no comparison because YouTube, they go to to be entertained. MathVids will be more of a school resource. Work, in other words.

MathVids is not only for students, it can also be beneficial for teachers. I didn't investigate the teachers section fully, but just from watching some of the videos, I'm sure some teachers can get ideas and tips on how to effectively teach math subjects. I think there is also a section where they can post resumes if they are looking for teaching jobs.

If you'd like a more in-depth look at How MathVids Works, make sure to visit their website and see if you have a student or know of a teacher who can benefit from the site.

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