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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

In our Other Blogs

Cherry CrispHere's an update on what's been going on in our other blogs:

Cherry Crisp or Cherry Dump Cake (pictured)
Fried Potatoes - cooked it up for breakfast, but could also fare well with other dishes like a nice grilled steak.
Furikake - it's a Japanese seasoning for rice. But have you ever had it for breakfast?
Eggplant Salad - another great complement for grilled meats

What's been going on with the AMOORES?
Art for the Summer - see photos of my girls when they were younger and working on their art.
The Adventure Continues - Indiana Jones continues to woo young and old girls alike.

See photos of our garden in early spring. I'll try to post more recent updates soon.

At FOUND NOT LOST read about my recent reviews:
Vinegar Hill by A. Manette Ansay - a book review of my recent read or re-read
Inuyasha Bag and other Anime Items - found this website with cool Anime products
The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova - a big book that took me a while to read, about very interesting vampire lore.

If you don't find me here, now you know where else I am :)


Ann said...

Hello. Thanks for the greetings.

I'm looking for new recipes on the net, para maiba naman para sa business ko. May alam kang website?

Francesca said...

hi, jmom, just passing by and thanks for your encouragements when i got trouble in my blog.

I wish you more blogging time(grabeh, inggit ako sa blog mo, dami entries) kaya, more blogging time.
All the best!

Jet said...

dapat nga siguro blog ko na lang asikasuhin ko para mas productive. non-productive kasi ang 'great discussions' daw. haaay JMom, from now on, where you lead, I will follow na talaga

Ate Sienna said...

naloka ako... di ko alam san ako magsisiumla sa mga blogs nyo. teka.. kailangan karir-time kaya mamaya babalik ako...