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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Cool Down

Summer is upon us with a vengeance and the girls and I have ramped up our dream of having our own pool in the backyard. If you are also on this same daydream, then Blue World Pools may be just the thing for you.

Consider having an above ground pool for the fraction of the price for an in ground pool. It's a great way to relax after work and cool off in the summer time. It's almost hard to believe, but the price for an above ground pool starts at $349. The $349 offer is for a limited time only and applies to the 15x24 oval pool. That's good enough to cool off in, but if you'd like something more fitting for your backyard landscape and one that matches the architecture of your house, you may opt for a midline pool or the classic pool. You certainly get a lot of flexibility in design and pricing with above ground pools.

The website is very intuitive. If you want a quote, they'll give you one for free and if you just want to know if they provide service in your area, they have that information online too. Even if they don't service your area, contact them anyway, they may still be able to help you. They have live online help, so you can get your questions answered right away. Blue World Pools has been in business a long time and they have a proven track record for providing good service. They not only make sure you receive excellent service in choosing and installing your pool, they will provide assistance with financing and maintenance after the installation so that you will enjoy your pool for years to come.

Check their website, and give them a call. They may just have the solution to this summer's heat.

This post sponsored by Blue World Pools


Francesca said...

wish ko malaking lawn with a pool kaya bili ako ganyan. if marami na ako pera. Sa ngayun, konti pa lang, haha.
Bisita laang,

ann said...

Hello!Hirap din mag maintain ng pool sa bahay, problema yan nung neighbor namin dati. Dami nakikiswimming...hehehe.

Jet said...

is it true that a pool actually devalues the property? but then again, imagine the sheer pleasure of having a private pool, huh? maybe it's worth it. :)