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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer Fun in the Summer Heat

Last year, the girls and I went to Las Vegas for our summer vacation. We toured Hoover Dam in 113 degree heat. Sounds like fun?

Actually, it was. I never would have thought that a family vacation in Las Vegas would be so much fun. The girls spent a lot of time in the pool and when the weather becomes unbearable, there are things to do indoors. Can you believe they even have a whole amusement park indoor? Yep, one day was spent at the Adventuredome behind circus circus. They had everything to keep the little munchkins entertained. They had games and roller coasters and water rides galore.

The girls were excited. They thought or maybe hoped they will be going to Las Vegas with their aunts again, but I think their aunts have something else planned for them :)

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mama bok said...

So lucky your gals.. :) i plan to bring chloe there.. when she is a wee bit more older..!