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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Are You Clean Enough?

I'm not the neatest person, but I would like to think that I am pretty clean. At least I like having things around me to be clean even though I don't like cleaning. I don't think I'm overly obsessive about sterilizing scrubbing everything down, but I do like to keep things hygienic especially when it comes to food.

I do know of people though who are just obsessive about cleanliness. When they say you can eat of their floor, your really can! If they could, they would presoak chicken in chlorox to make sure they don't get salmonella. Do you know people like that? How's their health? Are they healthy and free of infections?

The thing that I've noticed is, these very people who are obsessive about being germ free are the very ones who are complaining of allergies, chronic stomach problems and recurring colds. What's up with that?

Well, this discussion on the hygiene hypothesis may provide some answers. They asked the question "Are we scrubbing away our immune system and giving ourselves allergies?". I believe that, to some extent, we are. Visit Squidoo to see what others are saying about the topic of being too clean.


cchiovitti said...

Well, obviously this is something that I am quite passionate about. The biggest concern for me right now is the mass immunizations against Chicken Pox. We are seeing a huge surge in Shingles now (even in children, which was unheard of a few decades ago), because adults who have had the disease aren't getting "boosters" by regular exposure to wild cases. This applies to nearly every "germ" in our environment - our immune systems aren't getting the "boosts" that they need from our environment. I recently read another blog which blamed the rising asthma cases to modern air pollution. However, I don't agree because if you look at historical evidence in areas such as Glasgow, Scotland, which had MASSIVE air pollution in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, they still didn't have the number of new cases that we are seeing today.

JMom said...

I hear you on the immunizations! It's starting to get ridiculous that I get a hard sell on new immunizations everytime I take my kids to the doctor. On the last visit, they tried to sell me on Chicken Pox, MRSA and HPV vaccines.

My daughter even noticed the hard sell, and commented on how the doctor and nurses didn't hear me say 'no, thanks' to all of them.

I figure my kids are relatively clean and have been taught to keep good hygiene, they haven't had an major health issues, and have no genetic pre-disposition to any of those diseases. I didn't see a good reason to have them immunized for those. Finally, I said they can have a booster shot for Tetanus, and that kept them satisfied that I'm not totally neglecting my kids. lol!

quickcutters said...

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