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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sports in the House

My girls have never been too much into sports like some kids their age (Is it any wonder?) but this year, they or at least Jade, has been growing an interest in, of all things, field hockey. So I've been shopping for field hockey sticks and finally found one on Amazon at a reasonable prize. Jade loves her green hockey stick which came with a bonus gift, a pink ball :)

Now, I'm shopping around for cleats but I'm hoping that she will find some in California because when it comes to shoes, I'm leery about buying them without trying them on first. As it is, she was complaining about her running shoes as being too loose when she runs and she tried those on at the store!

My husband was also suggesting to start looking for golf shoes for them as he swears he'll start taking them to play with him, his cousin and his daughters. They're planning on having a regularly scheduled golf outings with their kids (his cousin has two girls and a boy). I can't wait to see how that goes!

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