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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Feeding the Soul

In our kitchen, we work to feed our bellies. But having a full belly does not always mean a fulfilled soul. Sure, we has our families and friends to make our lives more meaningful, but sometimes caring for pets also fills a space that makes our soul more purposeful.

Some of us treat our pets as part of our families and care for them in the same way. In return, they provide us with as much love and nurturing as we give them. ZooToo is a pet social network where pet lovers can commune with other pet lovers to help and care for their pets. When you register for membership, you also affiliate yourself with a shelter near you or with an animal advocate group. After you register, you will have your own customized profile where you can post photos of your pet, have a journal to share ideas and thoughts about your pet, a review section where you can give tips on products or services you've tried and so much more. You can interact with other pet lovers, share ideas and leave comments on their profiles and they on yours.

It sounds like it's going to be a fun community to be involved with. In addition to the features I just mentioned, they have a variety of promotions to help pet shelters and rescue groups around the county.

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