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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Making Money From Your Hobby

My husband turned a natural talent into a career, he's an artist. Some people would have been content to simply use their talent as a hobby, but he knew early on that art is where his passion lies and he stuck with it. Unfortunately, not all of us are like that. We aren't as focused and usually turn to traditional careers and simply use our artistic tendencies to occupy our spare time.

My girls, and I'm sure they get their tendencies from their father, love all kinds of crafts and art. They make paper accessories, knitted scarves, sewn handbags, handcrafted jewelry, clay sculptures and many other things that catch their interest. Jade has been trying to find ways to turn their hobbies into money. She's at that stage when money is becoming important to do the things she wants to do, so she's putting her skills to work. She's thinking of opening an online store to sell their wares, and I'm not discouraging her. More power to her endeavors and I do hope she starts making her own money soon. Maybe I can start keeping more of mine in my wallet. LOL!

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