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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Summer Reading

readsSummer reading is on at our house. The Clone decided to join our local library's summer reading club. She's trying to win a laptop from their monthly drawing. Well, anything to get them and keep them reading, eh? Anyway, we've been making weekly trips to the library for her to check in with the club and get more books to read.

The funny thing is, she checks in with the librarian in the children's section on the first floor, then proceeds to the teen and fiction section of the library, on the third floor, to pick out her book. The librarian had to laugh when we first went to sign up because she proudly told The Clone to go to the table and pick any book she wants and she can have it for free just for signing up for the club. So my 10 year old goes to browse the free books table and comes back empty handed. She said the books there were too easy for her. Which, they were. They were the easy-reader type books. So the librarian pulled out a secret stash with teen paperbacks for the Clone to choose from. :)

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