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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Away from Home

dormThis is my daughter's home away from home this summer. She's been away for two weeks now and we have been sorely missing her. Yep, even her cranky sisters who do not miss a beat to argue with her have been whining that they miss her. I guess that is just part of being sisters. I too have that love/hate relationship with my sisters over the years.

We were worried about Asi being on her own for weeks at a time, but again, she surprised us how well she is doing. Not only is she taking care of personal details such as cleaning up after herself, she has also been doing her own laundry! She just called me and asked to transfer $20 to her school card because she has used up the first installment I put to begin with, doing laundry! Who knew :)

2 comments: said...

I made sure the girls stayed in the dorm to experience semi-independent living. You know how it is here. There are maids that do the chores. I bet your daughter is also having a blast.

mama bok said...

They are growing up so quick eh.. Jmom.!! soon i'll be hearing wedding invitations. :)