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Monday, August 18, 2008


You remember playing Bingo as a kid? Bingo is probably one of the easiest and most fun game to master. That's why you still see a lot of people playing it as seniors. :) I remember a time in high school when, for some reason or other some friends and I got addicted to playing bingo. So much so that we even had a bingo night at school as a fund raiser. I don't know if it's the prizes or just the fun and camaraderie of being with friends (prizes :-P ) but it was an activity that we all looked forward to . However, we had to keep it on the down low since it just wasn't cool to be playing bingo when you're a teenager.

When my girls were younger, bingo was a game we used to play a lot with them too. It taught them to recognize their numbers and letters, taught them rules, patterns and taught them how to enjoy just being together with their family. As with most classic games, Bingo has gone digital. I don't know if my girls have outgrown playing bingo, but I think any kid would love to play Disney Bingo. Actually, I know the girls would love playing this Disney Bingo with their little cousins.

The Disney DVD Bingo can provide hours of fun as kids learn their numbers and colors with their favorite Disney characters. The DVD is designed for kids 4 years and older. If you know a kid who would enjoy Disney Bingo, make sure you visit or to purchase your DVD. Check out the video below:

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