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Monday, August 18, 2008

Another Goodie Giveaway!

I love free stuff, and how lucky is it that decided to giveaway a bunch of prizes to celebrate reaching 300 posts? Time is almost running out, so you'd better head on over there to sign up. Winners will be drawn on August 20, that's only two days away! So hurry on over there.

9 winners will be picked and each can win one of these prizes:
* your choice of one of the following logo products from the Cafepress store: baseball jersey, BBQ apron, black cap, dog t-shirt, infant creeper, infant t-shirt, kids' baseball jersey, kids' sweatshirt, mousepad, mug, small pet bowl, stonewashed cap, teddy bear, value t-shirt
* a desktop PC microphone from midomi
* a two-pack of Speck SeeThru hard shell cases for iPhone, red and aqua, with screen protectors (for original iPhone, not 3G)
* one of four CameraMate FlexUSB adapters for changing the angle of those hard-to-reach USB ports
* 500 Entrecard credits, courtesy of Canucklehead
* another 500 of my own hard-earned Entrecard credits

What are you waiting for? Get on over there!

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