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Friday, August 15, 2008

Financial Planning

I forgot to mention, I met with a financial planner this week. I almost want to laugh when I say that. Actually, I will... LOL!

Why am I laughing? Because it's almost embarrassing to meet with a financial adviser over such a measly amount like I got. But, it's like he said, you gotta start somewhere and it's always better to start sooner than later and a little late is always earlier than later. Makes sense? In other words, just jump into it.

I don't know much about IRAs, mutual funds, futures trading, investment funds, and such so I just rely on guys like him (the financial adviser dude) to handle my investments for me. Finance and my brain just don't mix well, you know? It's like oil and water. Start talking investments, interests, annuities and all that and you've lost me. HOWEVER, just because I'm an investment dummy doesn't mean I shouldn't invest. I NEED to invest what little money I have because I have daughters going to college and I do not like to eat cat food in my old age. So, my tip for today, even if you don't think you have anything to invest (which you do even if you're earning minimum wage, you can start saving) or know anything about investing, I suggest start saving NOW. When they say pay yourself first it doesn't mean pay yourself and go shopping. It means pay yourself and save it.

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