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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Lucky Number 8

birthday cakeYears ago when I was living in California, I found out that my birthday was lucky. I found this out while celebrating my birthday at our favorite restaurant in Chinatown. When the waiter found out we were celebrating my birthday, he made extra sure that we got what we wanted and even brought out additional dessert, no charge. He said he was making sure he perpetuates the old Chinese superstition for the number 8. The number 8 is supposedly the most fortuitous of numbers in Chinese numerology according to this post.

If you've ever lived in California or anywhere in Asia, you will realize how so many people adhere to this belief. For instance, did you know that a great number of the population in the Los Angeles suburb with the area code 818 are Chinese? Our same waiter said I would be a valued daughter were I born in China. To which my sweet mother replied, she is a valued daughter anyway wherever she is born :)

Did you know that is also why the Olympic games which is being held in Beijing will be starting promptly at 8:08 on 08-08-08? I will be watching it on my TV at home in celebration of my birthday, but I'll be sure someone takes me out to dinner first.


Diane Scott said...

Glad I stopped by! LOL I often lose track of days, weeks, months (heck I've even forgotten the year on occasion!)

Don't want to miss the Olympics!

exskindiver said...

happy birthday,

quickcutters said...

Happy Birthday..

That's cool see you learn some thing every day.