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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More on the adventures of flying minors

The girls are back from their summer vacation in California. They flew by themselves for the first time this year and overall, it was a pretty good experience. Well, except for the airline we flew them on. They flew on Delta. First, we paid more than what other airlines were charging. That was more of my sister's fault though for not waiting for a cheaper fare before booking. She assumed that their fare was higher because they were minors flying unaccompanied and that the $100 fee for that was tacked on to the fare. Well, it wasn't. We were charged $100 when they were checking in.

The flight to CA was relatively uneventful. On the way back though, it was really messy. First, they were told when they went to check in that they couldn't fly on the flight they were booked on because it was the last flight of the day and minors cannot be on those flights in case they get canceled or they miss their connecting flight. So they rescheduled them to take another flight the following day. They didn't mind spending another day with their aunt, but it sure inconvenienced everyone else who was taking them to the airport and us who were waiting to pick them up.

So another lesson learned: Do not book unaccompanied minors on the last flight of the day.

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