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Friday, September 26, 2008

Teens Who Talk are a Gift

TeensWe had an old friend in town for business the last couple of weeks so he's been coming over to our house for dinner on his free nights. The girls love having him over for dinner. I think it's cause we eat better than our normal weekday fare. LOL! No, I think they seriously enjoy talking to him and he to them. He commented how it's so nice that our girls would stay on at the dining table even after eating, to talk. They talk about everything under the sun it seems like. And some days it's like a blessing but other days it seems like a curse. haha! I'm joking.

Even as much as my girls talk and as much as they seem comfortable talking to us, I know they don't tell us everything. As they should. I don't expect them to tell all, we are all entitled to our secrets after all. So sometimes, well ok a lot of times, I worry about how they are doing. I worry if they are getting everything they need. It makes me sad when I hear of other teens who seem to have gone so far off track. Click on the link and read about a sad story.

Last night was our friend's last night in town so he came by the house for dinner and brought the girls some presents. You know they were happy. He'll be in Florida next week and he says he'll miss having friends in a city where he's doing business. There will be no one to visit in Florida, he says. But then, there's always Orlando golf courses to maybe take his mind away from missing his family.

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