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Monday, October 20, 2008

A Fall Like Weekend Already

The temperature this weekend dipped to the 60's during the day and low 40's at night. By Saturday morning, they started predicting possible frost so we decided to salvage what we can from the garden.

Top of the list, the basil. Basil is notoriously against the cold. Let it taste a bit of chill and it just goes black and dies. Next, the peppers and tomatoes. When the fruits get a taste of frost, the flesh just gets all dark, soft and rotten like. So we picked a bunch of green tomatoes. We can either make fried green tomatoes or let them ripen in the cupboard. The peppers, I just dropped them in some vinegar and they will be good until forever :)

After we did our salvage job in the garden, the girls and I went to browse at Target for a while before going into the grocery store to get some lunch items. Jade was looking for cheap t-shirts that she and her field hockey team can paint on for the seniors on the team. They are coming up on their last game and they wanted to present their team mates with something to remember them by.

After our shopping trek, we went back home and cooked up something deliciously spicy. Will post the recipe for that soon.

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noemi said...

I got to experience Fall for the first time and I am just in love with the colors.