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Friday, October 17, 2008

The State is not Fair

CornToday is the first day of the North Carolina State Fair and the girls are home sick. They had caught some kind of stomach flu and head cold. This does not bode well for our annual State Fair affair.

Just this morning, The Clone, who was the only one feeling well enough to get up this morning, asked if we're still going to the fair this year. Her birthday is next Friday too, she reminded me. I told her that if she and her sisters ever get rid of this stomach bug that keeps them running to the bathroom, maybe we can take our chances and risk going to the fair for the munchfest.

See, the food is the only reason we go to the fair. Well, the only reason I go anyway. The girls claim they go for the rides. Perfect! Eat all the fried, greasy and cloyingly sweet food that you can then go churn it up on the rides. hehe! We'll be right back where we are now where everyone is puking or we'd be needing some top rated diet pills.

Last year, The Clone and I went by ourselves. Their dad never wants to go in crowds. Jade and I go for the food but I also like to browse the exhibits. This year, Jade wants to go see a concert and Bobby Flay. Yep, he's supposed to be at the fair too.

We won't be going to the fair this weekend, but hopefully by next weekend they will be feeling better.

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