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Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Urban Living

The house we lived in in California was smaller than the house we're living in now but it felt like it was double the size of our house now. That feeling, I'm sure, was mostly due to the fact that we had a large outdoor living space. We spent most of our time in the outdoor spaces like the patio and enclosed courtyard.

This idea of indoor-outdoor living design is embraced by Braden Power who co-owns Power Properties in Dallas with his brother Craig. They are developing living spaces for young, single professionals who are not quite ready for the suburbs yet but are looking for a sense of community and convenience. Powers Properties is known for their restoration projects and have transformed many old apartment building and historic homes in Dallas Texas.

I love restored historical building rather than the generic cookie cut houses in new subdivisions that seem to be cropping up all over the place nowadays. That's the new trend now here in Durham is to renovate old and historical buildings into living spaces. They are wonderful!

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