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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I may be old but I'm still Daddy's girl

I was talking to my pop last night. I had called him to thank him for the package he sent me last week. See, my dad loves to shop and this time around he shopped for me and my husband. My husband always loves what my dad picks out for us. For me, especially. He says my dad has a good eye for women's clothes. I jokingly told him it seems to have gotten better too, after his lasik eye surgery. LOL! That's because he sent me two fully coordinated outfits that were more trendy in style than the usual stuff he sends me. I asked him how he knew what style and size to get for me and he says he just found a woman about my age and size at the store and asked her what's good and what size is she? hehe! That's my dad, he's pushing 70 but can still talk to the ladies. :)


Dexie said...

oh man, that's soo cool. so what did he get you?

Anonymous said...

THAT IS SO AWESOME! outfits picked by your dad? First time I ever heard of one :D