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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

What's Cookin' in the Kitchen

We've been cookin' up quite a bit lately but just haven't had much time to blog about them. I'm starting to get a back up of photos of dishes cooked and needed to be blogged. So here's an update on what's been coming out of our kitchen lately, a little bit of everything but the kitchen sinks :)

Vegie PlateSpicy Sitaw - Sitaw is the Filipino term for the yard long, asparagus, or snake beans. Those super long beans you see in the market. We have several plants in our garden and they are more than enough to keep us supplied with vegetables.

Lavash Crackers I dared to make Armenian Crackers called Lavash. Paired with a delicious baba ganoush, it was a delicious snack in the afternoon. Baba ganoush is also a middle eastern specialty made from eggplants and tahini. The eggplants I got from our garden and the tahini was also made from scratch.

Tahini This is the homemade Tahini from sesame seeds. It's a very easy recipe and tastes a hundred times better than any of the bottled pastes you buy at the store. The great thing about making it yourself too is, you can alter or enhance the flavorings to your liking.

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kegler747 said...

I love sitaw. I don't know that it is called snake beans :)