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Monday, November 17, 2008

We're going to the movies!

TwilightRemember when I said I entered a drawing for VIP tickets to the movie Twilight? Well we got it! We have two tickets to the early showing of Twilight tomorrow night!

I am so excited. I have been debating which of the girls to take with me but I think we'be got it resolved now. Tomorrow also happens to be my husband's birthday and I was kind of feeling bad about leaving him to go to the movies on his birthday this is even though he forgot about mine. :-P But, love is not all about getting even, is it? So tomorrow, it will be me and him, on a date to see the greatest vampire story of all time. LOL! Seriously, I can't wait until tomorrow night. I'm getting off work early so I can make sure the girls have something to eat for dinner before we go out.

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