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Monday, December 08, 2008

Colds and Flus

Well, we got our first bout of flu and cold in our house this week. The Clone missed two days of school last week because she had a fever and was congested, coughing, the works. Poor baby was miserable. She was snoring so bad at night she woke herself up a couple of times. She was also going from hot to cold. Shivering one minute, and sweating the next. My husband put some heated heated mattress pads on her bed and an electric blanket over that when she had the chills. But no more than a couple of hours later, she's jumping out of her bed and into mine because she said she was too hot.

It's a good thing she rebounds from these things pretty fast. By yesterday she was feeling much better. I was waiting for her to say she didn't feel like going to school again this morning, but she got herself up and dressed. I just hope I don't get a call before day's end to go pick her up.

As for the rest of us, seems that we've haven't gotten the bug yet. I'm crossing my fingers that I don't get it. Can't afford to be sick nowadays.

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