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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I'm Yours

I can't help but be such a teenie bopper sometimes. What can I do, I hang out with teenagers more than people my age. Even my taste in music is starting to take a lean to what they like. Take Jason Mraz. I had never heard of him before buy my daughter Jade has gotten me hooked, especially to this song, I'm Yours. This rendition is not Jason Mraz though, it's another talented artist who just did an awesome job harmonizing with himself. I'm glad to say I discovered this one and was the one to send it to Jade for a change. lol!

How did you like it? Pretty amazing, don't you think?

Now if only their teenage hormones don't transfer to me to top my pre-menopausal ones, I'm fine with the teeny bopper lifestyle. Just so I don't have to bother with acne treatments and that kind of stuff.

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