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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Just Another Saturday

Today was the first day we missed the children's party at my job. The two big girls had to take the SAT test this morning and the Clone has been sick with the cold/flu for the last three days. Their dad dropped off the Asi and Jade at the SAT testing center at 7:30 this morning then the Clone and I went to pick them up when the test finished at 1:00. Jade was supposed to perform with her dance class at the Durham Christmas celebrations downtown, but since they were scheduled to perform at 12:15 and the test wasn't over until 1:00, that just didn't work out today. So after their morning long test and disappointment over not being able to go see Santa and not being able to perform the dance Jade's been practicing, we decided to go out for lunch. Yeah, food always makes us feel better. :)

Which reminds me, I made ginataan last night, which is a dessert soup with sweet potatoes, plantain banana, rice balls and tapioca pearls in coconut soup. Click on the photo below if you'd like the recipe. It's waiting for me in the refrigerator so I think I will be going to get me a bowl in a little while. Want some?

Guinataan Halo-Halo

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