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Monday, February 02, 2009

Monday Blogging Update

Blogging has been a bit slow since I am still playing catch up from two weeks without internet. However, I'm slowly getting there. Last week, these were floating around on our blogs:

IN OUR KITCHEN - some tips and hints
Kitchen Hints You May Not Know About
Stop Putting Baking Soda in the Ref
Expiration Dates on Pantry Staples
Make these homemade tasting cinnamon rolls & dinner rolls from frozen dough
Cinnamon Rols Dinner Rolls

FOUND NOT LOST - A book review of:
Untamed (House of Night book 4)

Jade also did some blogging/reviews for me while I was away. She blogged about textbooks, laptops, tv shows and weight loss pills. She actually did quite a nice job. Check out the posts by Bella.

A touching letter from Obama to his daughters and to the American children

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