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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Laptop on Santa's List

Every year my daughters write a wish list right around the holidays. Every year, 'laptop' makes it to the list. Every year, 'laptop' does not make it under the tree.

See, we have one laptop that we, my daughters and I, share. That doesn't allow much computer time per person. I'd love to give them each their own laptop but it just isn't in the budget. We have to work with the one we got at least until we can afford to buy another one or one for each. So far, we've had to increase the laptop memory on the one we have so that they can play their online games and multiple messaging they are wont to do when they are online.

This year though, we may have to bite the bullet and get at least two new laptops. The two older ones will need their own soon to go to college. If Jade gets into the boarding school she applied to, she may be leaving us as soon as this fall. She's sticking with the PC platform but Asi, my oldest who wants to be a video game designer is eying a mac notebook. She says it is more suitable for design software. I don't know much about computer specs so I guess I'll be doing some heavy researching the next month or so. I also know now where this year's refund is going towards :)

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