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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tree for Rent

Speaking of more trees, my sister just told me that they rented a Christmas tree this year. What, never heard of renting a tree before? Neither have I. Apparently, there's a new thing in California (where she lives) where you can adopt a live tree. They will deliver it to your door then when the holidays are over, they will come and pick it up and take it back to their nursery where they will take care of it and feed it until next Christmas. Then when the next holidays come around, they will bring back your same tree to decorate.

The practice not only creates a new tradition, having the tree almost becoming a part of the family year after year, you also save a tree by keeping it from going into the landfill. My sister's daughters, who are normally just all about the toys at Christmas time, could not contain themselves when their tree was delivered. They immediately named her Elana and wanted to dress her up. I think Elana is already a part of the family immediately.

If you are interested in this tree for rent idea, check out their website:

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