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Monday, January 18, 2010

Playing with Cars

One of my favorite things to do is exploring. I like to walk, but not around a track or city block. I like to go hiking in the woods and discover new trails. During one of our treks at a cousin's estate, we ran across this old abandoned truck in the woods behind their house. I love finding old cars like this.

It's a wonder finding these old treasures. Compared to car prices now, it's hard to imagine that this old truck cost probably just a fraction of a comparable model now. But if you look at how it's made, how much more sturdy its body is, how much more pleasing its design... I think I would rather drive one of these than the new fiberglass trucks. My girls were commenting how much it is like Bella's truck in Twilight. LOL! what can I say, we're still Twilight obsessed in our house. :)

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