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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Can you drive a stick?

I remember a time when it was a big deal when you can drive a stick shift. Know what that is? Car with manual transmission? No? Well that's how my kids were reacting recently when the matter of driving a stick shift came up in the conversation. They only know cars with automatic transmissions. Sad, eh?

Then we started talking about computers and how my very first computer didn't even have an internal hard drive. It had two floppy drives! Then when I upgraded to a 486, I thought that was a big deal! Hmmm... that was 486MB, by the way. LOL! It's funny when you think that a lot of these mini flash drives that people carry around nowadays have more memory in their little pinkie like bodies than my dinosaur computer back in the day!

Times sure are a changing, aren't they?

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