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Monday, February 08, 2010

Cook's Interior Door Company

Much like the way your face is the first thing anyone who first meets you judges you by, the door is the first thing that any new comer to your home sees first. The doorway is the first impression everyone gets of your home and by association, of you.

Cook's Doors and Windows has been in business for over 80 years and it still remains a family run operation. The company is located in Los Angeles, California where they are a premier interior door company and exterior door company. They work with building contractors, designers and architects, providing them quality doors from a variety of reputable manufacturers to ensure that clients get just what they want or need for their doorways.

Cook's is also a great source as a replacement window company. You don't have to be building a major building project to avail of their services, they also provide support for retrofit or renovation projects. If, for instance, you are just looking to replace your old windows, Cook's uses the same high end door manufacturers for their windows. Check out the beautiful designs and craftsmanship of the doors and windows offered at their site.

And if you didn't already know it, another advantage to making sure the windows and doors to your home are energy efficient is that you can get up to $1500 in tax credit when you file your taxes this year! There is a little known credit called the Federal Energy Tax Credit Program which pays 30% of the product cost up to $1500 whenever you install energy efficient features to your home. This includes doors and windows that are manufactures to minimize heat loss and heat reflection. Contact a Cook's representative and they will tell you more about how to lower your energy bill and also how to earn this tax credit.

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