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Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady

We went to see my daughter's school's production of My Fair Lady last night and it was stupendous! They did such a great job, the auditorium was full of beaming, proud parents and family. The whole cast and support crew did an amazing job. Starting with the set and the stage crew, to the performers to the costume designers and the orchestra, these kids were all superb and talented. My older daughter, Asienne, was really impressed with the costumes. The apparel development class at the school created a lot of the costumes from the formal dresses, peasant clothes to the equestrian apparel were all done by students. The orchestra was the school's own, not hired professionals like I've seen other school productions do. The director is to be commended in giving everyone in the cast a chance to shine. Although the show, My Fair Lady, is essentially focused on the main character, this production was well balanced by giving each person their time under the lights. Well balanced and very entertaining evening!

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