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Sunday, March 21, 2010

So You Want to be a Blogger

Once people find out that I am a blogger, they soon start asking about blogging and it's not long before they ask for help in setting up their own site. I don't really mind. I love helping others discover blogging because it's something that I enjoy doingg and I love to share my love of blogging.

What most people don't realize though is that it takes time to set up a blog or a website. Sure, it's easy enough to put up a site, it's the content that takes time and if you want a more customize site to reflect who you are, then add more time to the equation. Personally, it took me years to figure out how to really blog and do some customizations on my site. But then, I didn't have a pressing agenda when I started. I was simply writing for myself and form my own enjoyment so it took years before I started seeing any audience or income which is what most people's reason for wanting to start a blog or website.

If you just want to throw up a site and start writing, then you may want to consider free sites like the one hosting this blog on or another good free site to try is If you're serious about becoming a blogger or are ambitious enough to know that you're in for long term website, then I seriously suggest taking the plunge and get your own domain and your own website hosting. Keep in mind that depending on your purpose, you may need a different type of website host. Do your research and if blogging is your purpose, there are providers out there who specialize in being a website host for bloggers and can better provide you with the necessary customer service that you will more than likely need if you are just starting out.

I had been blogging on Blogger for four years before I finally got my own domain and host site, but that's me, I like to take my time doing things. Once you have your own domain and host site, then you can start filling it with your content. You can just jump in and start writing, figuring things out as you go, or you can read up on how to get started and there are tons of information out there too, you just have to search for them. Like they say, almost everything you need, you can find on the internet.

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