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Friday, November 05, 2010

The Best Way to Lose Weight

When you Google "the weight loss product" the top search results are diet pills. While there will be people who tell you they lost weight using diet pills, more people will tell you that diet pills are really the worst way to go when you're trying to lose weight. I'm speaking in general terms of course, when it comes to the everyday housewife trying to lose the 'baby pounds' ten years later like me.

I found that the best way to lose pounds is still PORTION CONTROL. I hate dieting and I hate depriving myself of the things I like to eat. I found that by watching the amount of food you take in, you can drastically reduce your calories. I love to eat fatty foods, so portion control is really the only thing that works for me.

I was really glad to see Julie who blogs at Wii Mommies emphasize that she lost weight in part through portion control and not solely through the Wii. Yeah, she really did lose over a hundred pounds from playing Wii games as it says on the interview! Isn't that awesome? But before you start spending all your time playing games, note what she also said about portion control and also watching the kind of foods that you eat.

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