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Friday, November 05, 2010

Hey It's Soup Weather!

I heard on the radio today that we will get our first freezing temperature this Sunday morning. The first thought that came to my head is, I have to make soup! And I have to make it with my papayas!

I love soups and so do my daughters even though their father is a different story. For us, a soup can be a meal. For him, it is a mere side dish or starter. No matter though, we cook a lot of soups at our house. For one, it is very nutritious, it's filling (my husband will disagree), it's inexpensive and best of all, it's very easy and fuss free to cook! And if you're wondering how to lose weight fast, soups are the way to go. They fill you up, give you lots of energy but not weigh you down with lots of calories.

Below are a few of our favorite soups if you are so inclined to make a pot. Just pair it up with a hearty piece of bread and you'd be all set!

Easy & Creamy TOMATO SOUP

A very filling MEATBALL SOUP called Albondigas and its cousin the Italian Wedding Soup

Then there's the ever reliable POTATO & LEEKS SOUP

If you're daring, you may want to try out this very easy SHRIMP GUMBO

And if all you have is pack of ramen in the pantry, dress it up a bit like we did with this SOUR RAMEN SOUP

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Anonymous said...

There's nothing better to make you feel great and keep your immune system boosted like a warm cup of your favorite soup! It's great that there are so many soups out there now filled with vegetables and other ingredients that are healthy and taste great!