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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Cold Week

snow day
This past week was supposed to be an easy week at work. But then, on Monday the weather turned cold and icy snow started falling. It continued through the night until Tuesday when the roads turned icy and almost everything here in Durham closed starting with the schools. Yep, it was a snow day but the kids were not happy.

For one, snow days mean they had to make up the day. That day is next Saturday. Wouldn't you be mad to have to go to school on a Saturday?

Second, it was the last week of the semester and final tests were supposed to be this week and next week would have been an optional week, meaning they didn't have to go to school if they didn't have to make up a test and such. Instead, they will be taking their finals next week.

For us adults, it was more of the worry of losing power due to ice. The grocery stores were packed the night before as people stocked up on the basics like bread, milk and eggs. At the hardware store, it was a rush for flashlights, candles and generators. The Honda eu2000i type of generators, the ones on the smaller end, were the most popular. The large once can power a whole house but for a short time without power the small portables ones would do nicely to keep your necessary appliances like your refrigerators and freezers and lights going. We lucked out this time though, we didn't lose power. But it sure was cold!

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