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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A method to my madness

I have never professed to be neat. In fact I have confessed to being an awful housekeeper. Neatness is just not my strong suit. However, I am quite organized. I know, some people will dispute that (my husband for one), but it's true as indicated in this article which claims that messy people are more productive. Sister O was just talking about this in her last post (apparently messiness runs in the family. lol!) where she shared news that a messy desk is a sign of genious.

The photo above is of my office. A far cry from when it used to be neat. It is close to being a fire hazzard with the boxes getting piled up behind my chair. I can't see my desk calendar sitting on top of my desk, I have several projects going at the same time, and they are all sitting on top of my desk it seems.

The way I justify it, and the article agrees with me on this, is that I am just too busy to be neat. Being messy though, doesn't mean being disorganized. I really am quite organized. I know exactly where everything is. On the few occasions when I had been away from the office and had to direct someone to do something in my office for me, they are always amazed when I talk them through a task, like a 911 operator giving life saving instructions.

My boss has an even messier desk than mine and he's a genious! I always tell him, worry when I start dusting and organizing my office because that means I have nothing better to do.


Joan said...

Reminds me of my husband's office. Unfortunately he works out of the house.

roxiegirl said...

I so so agree with your sister! I'm kind of like that too. A semblance of chaos keeps me productive and drives me to finish my task faster. Para makapagligpit na ako agad hehehe!

Leah said...

At work, my desk start clean and end clean. We have a clean-desk policy. In between though is where I accumulate the mess; mostly my personal paraphernalia ; e.g. napkins, cups, water bottles, lotion,etc.
At home, total chaos.

Bill Bilig said...

I identify with you here because i lean towards the messy side rather than the organized side. It's good that I have nephews and nieces who occasionally visit my place and who are kind enough to clean it up :-)

Omom said...

Hah! I knew your desk wasn't gonna stay organized for long. I was starting to feel pangs of guilt when you posted that photo of your organized desk...see, I always told you you're a genius. Yep, runs in the family. Bwahahahahaha (delusional laughter)!!!!

mrs. pektus said...

I myself can't work in a messy desk.. maybe because I'm OC so when I see something that should not be in its place, I get distracted and I have to put that thing back where it belong so I can work smoothly.

BUt I hope this does not mean that I'm a moron ;)

Toni said...

I so know what you mean. I'm an awful housekeeper as well but I do know how to organize things. What's wrong with us? Heehee.

And... a clean desk is the sign of a sick mind! Now where did I hear that? :P