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Monday, April 02, 2007

A Monday Nothing Post

Click here for recipeIt's Monday, the longest day of the week and of course I do not have time to blog. Hate it when real life interferes with blogging.

So the short and sweet of the last week is that my Jade has turned 14 and we spent the weekend celebrating her birthday. There is still cake in the refrigerator calling my name everytime I open the door. She and her friends wanted pizza, sparing me from cooking them dinner, so instead I cooked up some mussels for myself.

I don't have much time like I said, but I did have time to post some photos of Durham In Our Backyard, also taken during our 5K walk the weekend before last.


Joan said...

Happy Birthday to Jade! We can't be old enough to have children this age. The mussels look yummy.

tintin said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Jade~!

watson said...

At least may photo nung mussels :-)

MM Del Rosario said...

Happy Birthday to Jade, my daughter is also turning 14 on the 18th.

SASSY MOM said...

Got here thru pinoymoms... The mussels look so yummy. It's actually one of my favorite.

Happy birthday to Jade!

Take care and God bless!

Francesca said...

buti panahon na nag tahong dyan sa inyo? Dito wala pa gaano. Meron man pero galing espanya, eh di masarap.
The best tahong is from Mont Michel, sa Normandy and they called it Bouchot. Yan ang hinihintay ko and with Lolo tatlong kilo sa aming 2 kulang, lol
musta, from your Lola in France!

ann said...

Happy birthday to Jade!

Tahong dito frozen na ang mahal pa.

exskindiver said...

hi there.
thanks for the visit.
you and your sister have interesting blogs.
i navigated all over the place.
~chesca silva

Leah said...

Isnt it great to celebrate bdays that way? no hassles and clean-up. which reminds me, I have to plan my princess' 6th bday party soon.

Tahong and I dont agree very well but i love the look of it all the same. On second thoughts, I might try that this weekend. We're doing Chinese buffet for Easter.

Toe said...

Mussels... perfect for Holy Week! Happy Happy Birthday to Jade!

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

happy birthday dear Jade!

JMom, mussel's one of my favorites...i'll try your recipe one day...i hope we can find bigger mussels in the's so nakakatamad if it's small

JMom said...

Hi Everyone, Thanks for the birthday greetings, Jade is smiling ear to ear :D

Joan, I have the same thought everyday, especially when they have to lean down to give me a kiss now. lol!

mm del rosario, what a coincidence! my oldest daughter will turn 15 on the 19th! :)

hi sassy mom, thanks. I've been lurking in your site too, from PinoyMoms. Thanks for leaving a comment.

Hi francesca, no hindi panahon. Frozen ang ginamit ko, bihira kasi sila magtinda ng fresh mussels dito, at kung meron man, ang liliit. The best pa rin syempre yung fresh.

hi ann! talaga? mahal? kasi naman puro imported ang mga yan dian diba?

hi chesca, thank you. I'm glad you visited too. :)

hi leah, as they get older, the birthdays got simpler. So I'm glad. Now, for their celebrations a dinner and a movie or a trip to the mall with their friends is usually enough. No more invitations and themes to think of :)

hipncoolmomma, ang liliit din ng fresh mussels dito, kay frozen new zealand mussels ang ginamit ko. OK na rin.

Anonymous said...

baked tahong is one of my faves! looks yummy!

and happy bday to jade :)

rhodora said...

Oh, my husband loves mussels! But sometimes, I would check the news first of any red tide update, before indulging in them.. hehe.

Belated Happy Birthday to Jade! :)