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Friday, April 06, 2007

Veggies to make you quit smoking

A recent study showed that certain food can make cigarettes taste terrible thus making you smoke less. I don't know how true that is, but I do know that certain foods or drinks and certain activities stimulate the use of cigarettes. For me anyway.

Ever since I got that cold and dropped smoking, I decided to continue with the non-smoking even as my cold and coughing abated. It has been a little over three weeks since I stopped, and it actually hasn't been that bad. I don't think I've been irritable as others who are quitting smoking claim to be when nicotine deprived. I did notice that I've been eating more especially at night time, after dinner, when I usually had my ritual smoke on the patio or the porch. Now, I start looking for dessert or something sweet to eat immediately after dinner which isn't helping my other problem with sugar.

I also noticed that when I stopped smoking, my coffee drinking also dropped to almost nothing. Coffee just doesn't taste as good to me anymore. I used to drink a cup of black coffee and have a cigarette before I could even start getting ready in the morning. Now, I stay in bed an extra thirty minutes then go straight in the shower without my morning victual. And yes, I was one of those people who claimed I NEED my black coffee and cigarettes to get me started. That is why I didn't really understand how my taste or my need to taste suddenly changed. Now I suppose this article explains some of these changes.

Now the eating more vegetables part, I am glad to hear it. Eating vegetables to quit smoking, I have to problems with that. That part is easy. Another weird thing since I stopped smoking, and I hadn't noticed this until I read this article, is that I have been eating more vegetables lately. I thought it was just part of the craving to munch that came with quitting smoking, but I suppose it must be something intrinsic in our body that switches on when something triggers it, like lack of nicotine. I thought that was pretty interesting.

So eat your vegetables, whether you're trying to quit smoking or not!


Omom said...

Congratulations, Sis. I think that's terrific that you're hanging in there with the quitting. I've seriously been thinking about doing the same. It's such a drag (pardon the pun) to be a slave to my disgusting habit. I've heard that heroin is easier to quit than nicotine, so kudos to you. I've always said I didn't want to quit because I didn't want to gain weight but now that I've already gained weight perhaps it is time for me to quit, too.

Joan said...

Good for you. I wish my mother would quit but I don't think she has any desire. Did you find it difficult socially to smoke? I know with her - most of her friends have quit over the years. Honestly I think she has chosen smoking over socialization but there are other factors involved. Keep up the good work!

Francesca said...

the best decision! you will live 100 years more bec of quit smoking. Tipid pa!

Leah said...

Way to go JMom. and good to know about the veggies. I try to eat more of it too but I tend to go for sweets naman. Maybe it helps in getting into a serious diet as well.

chase said...

That is nice Jmom! Well I'd better tell this to my friends who still smokes. I used to smoke too but only for like 2 months until vanity urged me to stop it

ann said...

I better show this to my mom, she's really a chain smoker. She's taking madications now for heart ailment but still can't give up smoking.

BTW, I made a food photo blog, visit me pag free ka. thanks.

BatJay said...

good for you jmom.

i hope you persevere. think of it as an investment, so you'll be able to play with your grandkids one day.

the first few months are the toughest but if you can control the urges, the benefits are immediate. you'll breath better and will probably be in better shape to start thinking of a brisk walk in the morning.

i've gained a lot of weight when i stopped. food really tastes better when your taste buds aren't blocked by the tobacco. but i've lost all of it already and then some more because of the exercise.

the clean lungs allowed me to run 8 miles a day and i've lost over 40 pounds this year.

GOOD LUCK - we're all rooting for you.

jay_say said...

Way to go... you are over the hardest part... the nicotine is out of your system. Now you just need to break the habit of inhaling everytime you see someone else with a cig or holding your hand to your mouth.

I smoked for over five years and to me those were the hardest things. I have been smoke free for eight years and I still catch myself inhaling the same time I see someone else inhale.

sexy mom said...

JMom, breaking away from smoking is a good start...soon it will become permanent. good luck, and God bless

Ferdz said...

Well that's a good news. I hope people would take that advice. My dad almost died before he stopped smoking. He doesn't smoke anymore and from seeing how he suffered, I don't smoke as well.

mrs. pektus said...

glad you stopped smoking :) I stopped smoking as soon as I missed my period and had the feeling that I'm pregnant with AJ. That was 18 months ago. After giving birth, I tried smoking again but it tasted different.. I no longer like the taste nor the smell of it. My craving for a cigarette stick just miraculously stopped. No veggies or no patches or anything :)

Chateau said...

That's interesting to know- the veggies info.
Congrats on being smoke-free. I had a few sticks in baguio :( -it's the weather (hehe, excuses!). But i'm glad i'm able to control my urges. it helps that I'm home most of the time and therefore cannot smoke.
Hmm.. now how to let my hubby eat his veggies?? he smokes heavily and hates veggies. Very good combination for good health huh!

4malmal said...

got a friend who quit smoking recently and he did it without he claimed...he swear by this book now and highly recommends this book 'The Easy Way to Stop Smoking' by Allen Carr to anyone who wish to quit smoking. Word of advice from him was...take your time to finish the book, do not rush, a page a day is good enough. I was actually surprised that he quit so easily. Maybe you can give it a try. Good Luck!