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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Coupons for your online shopping

This is a sponsored post.

I've never been a big coupon user. I don't know why, since I do love a good bargain. I guess it must just be laziness on my part. I'm just not organize enough to clip coupons and carry them with me when I go shopping. So I really like shopping online and be able to use coupons, save money without having to go through the hassle of clipping and carrying them around.

Coupon Chief is a great resource for getting coupons for items that you need. For instance, Target. They have a $5 coupon if you spend at least $50. Well at Target, that's not hard to do, and $5 is $5. It's still an added savings. They also have coupons for Office Depot, The Children's Place, and to name a few. So if you're shopping online anyway, make sure you stop by the coupon chief first to get additional discounts.


Mari said...

For small items I'd use coupons. But since I now shop at Costco or Sam's Club I hardly use any coupons. There's no point anymore when buying by bulk. But I'll check out that site just in case there's a coupon I might need for something.

Thanks for the tip.

Omom said...

I just saved $11 shopping at Costco using their coupons and before that, I saved $25. I love coupons especially if they double it like at Ralph's grocery.

Thanks for the heads-up, sis.

ann said...

Hello Jeanette. I'm just curious. How many sponsored post you have to post in one month? Malaki ba ang bigay nila?

Dexie said...

i love coupons. i recommend it to anyone :)