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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Homework Help

Last week, the girls took a three-day SAT prep course. They are are both in high school, 9th and 10th grade. They are both bright girls, they've taken the SAT test and ACT test in middle school and did rather well for their age at the time. When this opportunity for the free SAT prep course came up, I signed them up for that too. They didn't mind going to the course (this time) the person conducting it must have done a good job. He kept them engaged and gave out practical information. They both did well on the practice test; gaining quite a few points more since their last test.

Why, I ask myself sometimes, do I keep subjecting them to these reviews? I didn't take any reviews or additional tutoring before taking the test, and I did alright. I didn't get a perfect score and didn't make it to the top percentiles either, but I made enough to get into a college. Nowadays though, that is not enough. Kids are so much smarter and the competition to do well is getting so much harder. Online Tutoring, thank goodness, is now available to help students hone their Math and Language skills which are so important in getting good SAT scores. Luckily, both girls are now at Algebra level that means they are spot on where they should be; but that also means that it's getting harder to help them with their homework everyday.

If you are having the same problem, maybe getting someone else to help with homework is a good solution.

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Libby Kearney said...

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