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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Home Insurance

Several newly built houses have been on the news for having burned to the ground and the homeowners lost everything. At least one incident on the news involved a house that is in the process of being built and before it could even be finished, it burns to the ground. It makes me wonder if they were insured. Is there insurance for homes while they are in the process of being built or would the liability for that fall on the contractor's insurance? Then the most recent news was a million dollar home, less than a year old that burned while the owners were away visiting a sick relative out of town. How sad to come home and find your house ruined. I'm sure if they had an expensive house like that, they must have been insured. That got us thinking about our own insurance coverage for the house so we looked online for home owner insurance quote.

We found this site that offers multiple quotes online. Not only do they provide quotes for home insurance, you can also use the site to search for quotes for auto, health, or life insurance among others. We're also constantly investigating auto insurance rates, especially with a budding new driver in the house. Anyway, the services offered by this insurance broker covers the whole country, not just our state. Anyone can search quotes for their specific location. If you have a business, they also provide services for business insurance needs.

The Learning Center section of the website provides tips and information on the different types of insurance and coverage. Whether you are ready to sign up for coverage and are looking for the best deal or you are just curious to see what your options are or how your present coverage compares, is a good place to start your investigation.

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