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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What were you doing on this day?

I just realized today is 9/11, the latest day to join the list of dates of infamy. I also realized this is the birthdate of the late Philippine dictator, Ferdinand Marcos. And if you live in the U.S., 911 is the emergency number. Texters use 911 as code for when something is an emergency, urgent, or dire. This poor day, just hadn't had much luck, had it?

I remember 9/11/2001 because of the tragedy that happened at the World Trade Center in NY, but also because I had gotten up early that morning, gotten dressed and had planned on hitting a few temp agencies and start looking for a job. This was going to be the first day for me to step into the job market again after playing stay at home mom for six years. So how about you? What were you doing on that infamous day in 2001?

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Toe said...

Oh, I remember that day. We were doing overtime in the office and eating our KFC. The TV was on CNN. When I saw one of the towers explode, I thought that it was just a joke. My eyes almost popped out when I realized it was real. My sister in New York actually saw it with her own eyes from her office window.