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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Clones Advice to Parents on Christmas

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Speaking of Letters to Santa, The Clone and her sisters have been busy with their wish lists since last month.

I was just checking her blog and was reminded of this old post that she wrote in 2005 when she was eight:
When is Chistmas, and why does it come only once a year you ask? Well I know when it comes... It always comes in december. If you're child makes a wish-list. Parents, try to at least get some of it. Then next year, you'll be abell to get more until... You find you've goten everything in his/her wish list. My parents do that, why don't you try to make he/she happy? When he/she comes in from a cold day in the snow, he/she will be happy to find a flock of presents just waiting for them under the Christmas tree.

She hasn't been blogging much lately, but she still writes in her journal almost everyday. I enjoy looking back on how her writing has evolved. I just realized she wrote 'a flock of presents' LOL!

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