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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Letters From Santa

My daughter just turned 10 years old and she is still writing letters to Santa. It's become a habit and a ritual now, as soon as November comes around, she whips out her favorite Santa stationery and writes her letter. She is always careful to word her letters carefully and politely. She makes it a point to add a little small talk before getting to her list, and she always acknowledges that she hasn't been totally good, but maybe she can get 'most' of the things she asked for? And oh yeah, she would be so grateful if he grants her even just half of what's on her list. LOL!

Her letters are usually forwarded to Santa in California (grandma) and most of the time, most of what's on her wish list makes it through the chimney come Christmas eve. But wouldn't a few Letters From Santa been a great addition to the presents under the tree? I had never thought of this before. What a novel idea!

You can have a personalized letter from Santa sent to your child that will mention the good deeds that got them on the 'good girl' list and can also include some of the things that they have on their list. In addition, they will receive a follow up postcard and door hanger from Santa. Just imagine the excitement they would get from receiving a letter from Santa through the mail.

I'm actually thinking an occasional letter from Santa all year long just to keep her on the 'good girl' list would not be such a bad idea either. This way she won't have to be contrite when it comes time to write her letter!

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