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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Personalized Gifts for Children

The girls have always loved reading. When they were younger, one of their favorites were books that had their names and photos. They had a couple of these personalized books given to them as gifts and they couldn't stop reading them! Or should I say, they wouldn't let me stop reading them!

Personalized Gifts for Children, especially books is a great idea. They love seeing themselves in the story. They would giggle when the character, named after them, would do something silly or get in a funny situation. They are proud of themselves when their character accomplishes a daring feat during an adventure. It is just easier for them to relate, especially when they are so young. In "My Special Christmas Adventure", for instance, they get to go with Santa Claus. Whatever interests them at this point in their life, there is a book that is sure to catch their attention.

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Toni said...

Ooh this is a great idea!!!