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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

You say bullet, I say billet

I was asking my husband if he's ever heard of billet grilles and he said, "you mean bullet grills don't you?" "No, I mean BILLET GRILLES. Do you know what they are?" He goes, "if it's the same as bullet grills, then yeah. It's the grill in front of cars." "Really? That's what it is? Are you sure it's not just a southern mispronounciation?" He goes, "your mother can be such a jerk" to his daughter. "No it's not some southern mispronounciation thing, it's that darn Filipino accent!" LOL!


Mari said...

"...darn Filipino accent." Har har har. Last night a friend called and asked me if I have a fox. I answered, "No, I don't." She said, "Why is it that when I called I heard the sound of a fox." "Ooohh, you mean fax." And then she said, "Oh, you and your American accent." And she mimicked me. LOL

Mari said...

I don't really have "the American accent."

JMom said...

LOL! mari, we can go on and on with the accent...don't even get me started on how my grandma would pronounce fax. She says it the same way she says beach. hehe!